Collection: Terrace

Wood fiber decking boards :
A perfect imitation of wood but without its drawbacks
  • The beauty of natural wood combined with the unrivaled performance of composite;
  • The beauty of redefined outdoor living spaces, in perfect harmony with nature.
Experts in detail and finishing

Our team of experts has succeeded in developing high quality composite boards for your outdoor design, but its mandate does not stop there: in order to allow you to create exceptional outdoor spaces as we promised, our team has studied all aspects. to take into consideration in order to offer you unique creations and a perfect finish. This is why we are happy to offer you:

  • Six ( 6 ) choices of trendy colored dishes;
  • Two ( 2 ) types of tables:
    1 . Advantage

    2 . Elite (reversible and two-tone);
  • A wood grain with an extremely natural finish;
  • Two ( 2 ) types of molded stair nosing;
  • A starter board that requires no screws;
  • Hidden † Camo ® mounting system allowing you to achieve the most uniform installation.

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